Gay Boy Band’s Pride Single

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Give this guilty pride pleasure a listen. Boy band? Yes. Cute? Also yes. That's my girl!

Especially for this Pride season all-gay boy band STORM3 is releasing a new single called “That’s My Girl”. A song that focuses on GIRL power and with a focus on the gay community. The song is about struggles, power and rising up again after you fall down. With this release the pop group wants to spread a universal message that you can be whoever you want to be, boy, girl, neutral, it just does not matter.

There are still a lot of incidents of violence and discrimination in the world against the gay community. For example the Belgian authorities released figures regarding this. In Belgium alone 185 incidents were reported in 2016, with 227 in 2017 so there seems to be an increase yearly. In The Netherlands the ad campaign by SUITSUPPLY with two kissing men got criticized publicly and some billboards even got destroyed.

For this single the band is working together with Jens Geerts one of the faces of gay lifestyle channel OUTtv. “We want to empower and give people strength to be themselves and celebrate life. There’s still a lot to do when it comes to gay tolerance and acceptance, and with this single we want to support the cause. All proceeds of this release will go to COC The Netherlands and Cavaria to support awareness for the gay community.

That’s My Girl was released internationally by Toco International, CricketHill Music and SuonoREC TFW and is available through all download and stream portals.

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