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A Beautiful Young Cupid

Miss Gay Jozi 2018
June 13, 2018
Tinstuff a must see if you are in Jozi!
June 20, 2018

Take a minute to appreciate this beautiful music video.

Queer artist duo Moritz Hofbauer and Johannes Frick alias Jon Darc and video artist Aleksej Nutz create an intimate space loaded with hedonism and fragile lack of restraint in their video for Jon Darc single Harmful Art.

Aesthetically inspired by Jean-Baptiste Mondino's Prince album cover for Lovesexy and Chris Cunningham visuals for Apex Twin they make a modern attempt on the 18th century art form tableu vivant. The subject is Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s baroque painting Cupid the Winner. Young cupid watches the camera innocently. Only a couple of peacock feathers (a symbol for love and passion in Chinese mythology) hide his crotch. Then he shows his true nature. ‘Your kisses feel like shooting H.’ moans Johannes’ voice in the song. Concerning the video he says: ‘As love is the songIs topic it seemed to me Cupid the Winner would be the perfect matrix for ideas. After a couple of tableau vivant shots, Aleksej asked me to start dancing. I thought it was a great idea, because I feel there’s nothing more suitable to this song than Amor going crazy.’

Not only offers the video an intimate inside to cupid’s spiritual abyss, but it utilises the winged messenger of love as a symbol of masculinity. A masculinity out side of the mainstream picture portraying him with physical vulnerability. ‘We’re interested in the unconventional.’, Jon Darc state about their music, ‘Starting with our song writing and composition methods to sound aesthetics and creation, we always want to surprise ourselves a swell as the listener. Björk, Röyksopp, Kanye West and Radiohead are some of our inspirations and the topic we write about include lyrical reflections about Berlin youth and club culture, as well as critical questions concerning social developments.’

Next to innovative approaches towards composition and sound design, a complex live performance is part of Jon Darc’s band concept. This manifests in concept based visuals, like video art, VFX effects and motion designs, as well as stage and costume designs especially made for the shows.

Jon Darc unites artists Johannes Frick and Moritz Hofbauer, who met at Polakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, Germany. They started the project in 2017 and Harmful Art is there first official release produced by Julian Maier-Hauff. Alkesej Nutz is visual artist working in music, street, fashion, theatre and documentary photography and video based in Stuttgart Germany.