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Tinstuff a must see if you are in Jozi!

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June 18, 2018
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June 21, 2018

A GAY PAGES MUST-SEE! A show at the POPart Theatre in Maboneng, Johannesburg.

Two black boys fall in love at a stifling Catholic boarding school in the Britney 2000s. An unmissable exploration of queer, black teen romance in Africa. Mogashoa’s hilarious and truthful storytelling has placed him on Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young list. He wrote Jemma Kahn’s provocative spaghetti romp on Croissants.

Mogashoa’s intimate storytelling has received rave reviews since he started telling first person stories over five years ago. Of his previous solo show, The Real Dirt, Broadway World’s David Fick wrote, “Mogashoa draws his audience closer and closer as he tells stories that strip away the bandages we all use to dress our deepest wounds. His storytelling becomes one of the most profound acts of compassion I have witnessed in a long time, onstage or off. It is proof that theatre can heal what many other things cannot.”

The writer-performer counts among his many followers, the author Lauren Beukes, who recommended some of his earlier shows. TINSTUFF uses the romantic comedy style to tell a teenage, coming-of-age story in way it has never before been told. And it’s all real.

MONDAY 25 JUNE 20:00 TUESDAY 26 JUNE 20:00