Armistead Maupin says WHAT?

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“We’ve got some good butt-f****** in this one,” said the original author of Tales of the City on the newly released reboot of this classic gay series.

“Butt-f******,” said the author was the last taboo that the series needed to still break down in its five decade history, reports Pink News. It has done so with nearly every other conceivable taboo in print and on screen with depictions of homosexuality, transgender issues, nudity and drug use. “I don’t think that’s the aim of any of this [to shock people], it’s just to tell our stories, to move people,” he added.

Gay Pages spent the weekend binging on the ten-episode gay wonder, which was recently released on Netflix, and we can confidently say that it is an instant classic.

They tell the stories of gay people from across the spectrum of our community, whilst taking care to provide tales of an older generation as well as the twenty-somethings of today, mixing them into a perfect cocktail of wisdom, search-for-meaning, identity and humanity.

While the media has been full of gay story lines and news over the last few decades, it is important for us to continue listening to the narratives that are being shaped in this time of change for the LGBTQ community across the world, especially as we are still reading headlines such as “10th transgender woman found dead in the US in 2019”. 

Maupin’s creations were first serialised in daily newspapers in the ’70s in San Francisco, then adapted into a series of novels, and later a television miniseries. The residents of 28 Barbary Lane have gone through a lot of changes since the first (1994), second (1998) and third (2001) series, now eighteen years on. 

Whilst PBS dropped funding after the first series due to right-wing objections and bad reviews calling the series “a slick piece of gay propaganda”, today those worries have been left behind and almost nobody would even bat an eyelid at two men kissing on screen.

Make time to watch this series, but if you can avoid it, try not cramming everything into one day like we did, it’s bad for your back!

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