22-25 Aug: Need an impromptu break? Afriski is your answer

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CompCare Afriski Winterfest presented by Jacaranda FM: 5 Golden Rules of Après-ski

Après ski is a part of skiing and Afriski Winterfest culture. Après ski is French for “after ski” and the tradition comes from the European practice of ending off winter activities huddled with good friends while sipping a drink and listening to good music. 

Taking place from the 22 – 25 August 2019 at Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho, get ready to party on the top of the world with three days of themed events, top-class artists and DJs, multiple music stages and a ton of adventure packed winter sports and activities. Festival junkies, music lovers, skiers, and snowboarders – be ready to be enchanted by this ultimate blend of sound and snow.

When it comes to après skiing like a pro at Afriski Winterfest, there are some key things to consider to ensure the best possible experience. Keep reading for CompCare Afriski Winterfest presented by Jacaranda FM’s 5 rules of après ski.

Stash your gear where it belongs

The best part about the Afriski Winterfest package is that it includes Ski & Snowboard rentals. But no one wants to be attacked by a pair of falling skis while trying to listen to Southern Africa’s best artists! So lock your gear away before you go to one of the stages or make use of the ski racks that are available. Just make sure you remember where your skis are, there’s nothing worse than taking someone else’s skis, and wondering why your boots won’t clip in!

Share a Table

Good seats fill up fast when the lifts stop spinning. Instead of hogging your table at the Cooler Box or in the Sky Restaurant, offer any empty seats to latecomers. It’s also a great way to meet people. If someone offers you a seat at their table, reward them with a drink.

Keep your energy up

Don’t leave it too late before you start thinking about food – I think we have all been guilty of this! Eat a good breakfast, a nice late lunch at the Gondola Cafe and consider indulging in a quick bite at the Sky Restaurant before the evening really gets underway. You don’t want to be the first in bed at 7 pm!

Pace yourself

Relaxing after a day on the snow is a pleasure, but nursing a wicked hangover the next day is not. CompCare Afriski Winterfest presented by Jacaranda FM takes place at high elevation. If you’re not used to this, tread lightly —alcohol and altitude aren’t the best of friends. Hot Tip: Pace yourself by drinking a glass of water between each drink to minimize the effects of high elevation.

Kick back, dance, be happy

As you know, après ski started as a way of connecting with friends after a great day on the slopes, reliving the good moments and laughing about others. Après ski at CompCare Afriski Winterfest presented by Jacaranda FM is a time to let go, enjoy good music, good drinks, and good stories with great company. Let the tradition live on!

Now that you know the golden rules of Apres-ski, are you ready to put yourself to the test? Then book your ticket for CompCare Afriski Winterfest presented by Jacaranda FM at www.winterfest.co.za and get up to snow good this Winter.

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