22 Nov: Religious Gay Student Film

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Confessions, “Where Religious Privilege and the Lack of Freedom Congregate”

Cape Town film students from AFDA with a passion for storytelling are determined to give a voice and platform for those who have been outcasted and silenced. Driven with their camera and talented cast they have created a film that will hopefully initiate conversations for change.

“Confessions” a drama about a broken man in search of a guiding light, smothered by a homophic society. Marco, determined to define “sin” and what the true meaning of “love” is, in a cold and isolated journey of self discovery. Writer and Director, Cameron Lawry

Conversations between the LGBTQ+ community and religious organisations have always been a complicated one. On one hand, love and acceptance is preached but not practiced, on the other minorities groups are pushed out for being different or even taboo. They want to tackle the issue of homophobia in South Africa, our constitution might be dubbed one of the most progressive but the lived experience shows the disparity. Much like the government the church has a major role in shaping the minds of society. Spewing love with strings seems hypocritical and they wanted to unpack this seemingly hushed tundra. 

Equipped with a passionate crew and a multifaceted cast they set off to uncover why many LGBTQ+ people feel alone, misinformed and constantly trying to wedge themselves into a box defined by society. What they are wanting to create is a powerful narrative hoping to forge conversations that one day we will not only have equal rights but equal lived experiences”.

Synopsis: Marco, a young gay man grieving the loss of his lover Tom, returns to his church for guidance and support. It is here where he once again connects with Father Ray a Catholic priest, determined to maintain traditions.

It is after some time Marco acknowledges what he has been told is a “sin” within the church and searches for absolution. Through repenting, Marco contacts Carla a new parish member. It is through Macro invested interest in pursuing Carla that she gains more interest. He realizes that he is losing himself. 

“Confessions” will Premiere in South Africa’s oldest Cinema – The Labia in Cape Town on the 22nd of November 2019 at 20:50, you can enjoy this gripping tale with a glass of Merlot topped off with salty popcorn or a gin slush.

For more information:  Instagram @Confessions_shortfilm or email – confessionfilmsa@gmail.com 

What the trailer below! It definitely got our attention!

The Confessions team will be hosting a panel discussion around the themes of sexuality and religion and pose the question can these two coexist? The panel will consist of a variety of different people from both spectrums.

Please join them and allow your voice to be heard on the 18th of November at 18:30 in the Actors Studio at AFDA, Observatory Cape Town. 

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