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Ageing gracefully, now that’s an art! Growing older is one of the most challenging aspects of life, especially if you’re gay, but it needn’t be traumatic.


Gay men are obsessed with looks. With youth. With beauty. With six-pack abs and full heads of hair… But what painfully few of us ever think about, is aging and our own, inevitable, mortality. Having recently passed the half-century mark, I often find it difficult to reconcile the person in the mirror with the person in my head. Gravity, the good life and our glorious African sun have all taken their toll over the years. First, imperceptibly, but lately it appears Mother Nature is being a bitch and wreaking havoc on my corporeal form with gay abandon.

Ageing is difficult after a certain age. I’ve heard all the old clichés. “Life begins at 30” they said. Then it was “life begins at forty”. Recently I heard “life begins at fifty”. Bollocks. Life begins at birth and ends at death. Nothing in-between is guaranteed. Life is what we make it.

When I look back at my life…

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