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If this global lockdown has shown us anything, its that humans are ingenious – from hilarious memes, to crafting and cooking.

Fry showed off his loaves on Twitter (yes, he’s back for a while). And, he’s “ridiculously proud to say” he made the starter himself.

Fry recently joined intersex activists in urging people to treat the community with “common politeness and decency”, also gave fans and baking aficionados his very own sourdough recipe.

“The sourdough starter is breeding so fast. I have to keep baking, just to give it something to do…”

The recipe, according Fry, is: “Just water and flour (equal weights of each, say 75 grams) and … the one thing so many of us have … TIME.”

“Keeping adding same quantities every day and a half or so. The yeast naturally breeds… plenty of sourdough recipes online good luck!”

So, join the Sourdough Gays and get baking!

Stephen Fry’s sourdough loaves. (Twitter/StephenFry)

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