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Introducing Kobus and Hannes, co-founders of Bulge and Bum, funky and exciting underwear.

“When wanting good, funky and exciting underwear, we always look across the waters to find proper underwear. Tired of paying import tax and waiting months for underwear, Bulge and Bum was born.

The first B (Bulge) in Bulge and Bum, is Kobus. Dog lover, Multi-level marketer, husband to “Pokkel” Niek (aka “Pokkel”) and avid gardener…. And now Fashion designer. Well… underwear designer, but in the LGBTQ world that’s fashion at the highest form. It is after all your most precious bits.

The Second B (Bum) in Bulge and Bum is Hannes. Architect by trade, fiancé, dog dad to two beautiful Chow-Chows and underwear lover. Always on the lookout for interesting and creative ideas, this business presented itself and it was a go.

Now a little bit about our business, like any other business the launch is the most important, getting to interact with new customers building relationships and making people happy with your product is the Goal but for, us our launch fell right in the second week of lockdown. We couldn’t wait any longer, as time is money, and just plunged into the online world. Tough thing to do if you can put your money (undies) where your mouth is.

The response has been awesome, and we are super excited about our online engagement and what’s to come. But we think we could have done better if we had the opportunity to actually deliver our underwear and not have customers wait for weeks for delivery. Covid 19 has brought many other wonderful things to our business that we will forever be grateful for… We have ramped up our designs, perfected our fits and actually embarked on a special and very sexy Winter and Summer line to follow.

If your underwear irks you, it has got to go. Your Bulge & Bum deserve better.

As creators of bespoke underwear for men, we know how important it is to have your best bits looking and feeling as good as you do. And nobody can feel good about having to import underwear which you wait months for and pay ludicrous import taxes on.

We are definitely over that scenario. So, after months of research, design and carefully re-examining the fine male form (aka bulges and bums), we are extremely proud to introduce our proudly South African “Indulge your Bulge” men’s range of underwear and swimwear.

Our products are made from Recycled Yori which is a fabric made from 100% recycled materials.

Repreve© recycled polyester ensures versatility and reliability, characterised by good elasticity.

It also has natural moisture and high colour fastness values. This breathable, UV protected fabric also has a high chlorine resistance which makes it perfect for swimwear and activewear applications.

All products are exquisitely finished with silk woven elastic and complimented with a lifting pouch.

Extended ranges will be coming soon. In Bulge & Bum: you’ve never been sexier.

Shop now by visiting www.bulgeandbum.com

Stay up to date with all our latest designs by following us on social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/BulgeandBum

Instagram: @bulgeandbum

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