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SA’s lockdown: Ten cold facts to reckon with

With heavy lockdown receding into the past there will need to be a frank evaluation of whether it worked. It may be possible to make a serious case that our lockdown delayed the spread of Covid-19, though I have not seen any such argument in South Africa.

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Has South Africa been on a “10-Year LOCKDOWN”?

IRR Deputy Head of Policy Research, Hermann Pretorius, talks about the IRR latest report, “The 10-Year Lockdown”. Listen as he explains how South Africa has effectively been in an effective 10-year policy lockdown, and how this has destroyed our economy and society.

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SA’s R4 trillion pension pot in ANC’s crosshairs

The South African Communist Party (SACP), which has long used its dominance over the African National Congress (ANC) to set the policy agenda for the ruling party, reiterated last week that it wants to ‘mobilise’ the ‘ample resources’ in both ‘public and private financial institutions’ to finance ‘sustainable recovery and development’ by introducing ‘investment requirements’ or ‘prescribed assets’.

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