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Mathematical Evidence of Pandemic Fraud

This week, I interviewed a brilliant mathematician, who has agreed to provide a witness statement for the Grand Jury investigation into allegations that there is evidence that the UK government has committed pandemic fraud.

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‘Anti-BEE fund’ launched

The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) have announced that they will be going to war against what they feel are unfair selection criteria for COVID-19 relief grants, with successful candidates required to be Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) compliant.

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Proponents of BEE, or any kind of race-based affirmative action, face serious challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic. In this crisis, they can insist on using race as a proxy for disadvantage and on applying race-based regulations to supply chains and procurement serving the relief effort; or they say that for now both the beneficiaries and distributors of Covid-19 relief are to be judged by means and needs alone irrespective of race, as a strictly temporary exception. Neither option is likely to work for very long.

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Imperial finally released a derivative of Ferguson’s code. I figured I’d do a review of it and send you some of the things I noticed. I don’t know your background so apologies if some of this is pitched at the wrong level.

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