Audi Q5 2,0 TFSI S Tronic

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Audi Q5 2,0 TFSI S tronic

Vorsprung durch technik, indeed. The elegant new Q5 is an incredibly smooth ride offering you all the power, space, utilities and up-to-date tech you need in a sporty looking vehicle.

It has a highly flexible interior with enough loading space to move a zoo. It has a retractable tow bar (just be careful, it knocked me on the shin on release), optional adjustable suspension for heavy loading, and a flat even surface when folding the rear bench down. Sadly, there is just an impractical uninflated spare wheel under the floor.

The cabin design is quite plain and hard, which might sound boring but it is actually great for ageing well. It is softened by mood lighting and a well-designed dashboard. The seats are very comfortable (except for the unlucky fifth passenger). It has good storage space all over the cabin, and ports and slots for USB, 12V, Aux, SD, and even CD.
Tech-wise it is great, it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a must these days, and a user-friendly interface. I especially enjoyed the touchpad which allows the user to input handwritten data, a fun alternative to a touchscreen keypad. The virtual cockpit has any and all relevant information and functionality right at the driver’s fingertips, giving you quick access to driving modes and all the other nifty features.

The Q5 has grown in nearly all of its dimensions from the previous model and, depending on the engine has reduced its weight by up to 90kg. The exterior design is classically Audi, and the strongly emphasised wheel arches are quite attractive.

It’s quite thirsty, but its handling and braking systems are superb on urban roads. Unfortunately its active safety features tend to be overprotective and can prevent a daredevil from having too much fun.#gaypagessa

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