Citroen C3

C3 1.2 Pure Tech Shine

The C3 has had some minor cosmetic refreshers to its cute fashionable look. The brand now making a more conscious effort than ever to stay relevant in a modern market.

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Forty-five years after the Soweto Revolt

Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of the start of the Soweto Revolt. Back then, on 16th June 1976, black South Africans faced pervasive racial discrimination in education, employment, home ownership, land purchases, and many other spheres.

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As I’m aging, the prospect of my later years and retirement are becoming more and more important. This is a typical human reaction. In our younger years, we hardly pay the thought of getting old any attention. The business of being young and having fun is most important. And that is as it should be.

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Mitsubishi Xpander Launch

The all-new Mitsubishi Xpander MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) blends futuristic Dynamic Shield Design with ever reliable performance and true 7-seater spaciousness to effortlessly expand your lifestyle.

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Gay couple sitting on the couch at home watching something on TV and having a snack.

Tech News: Can Netflix Dodge Bullets

A white paper has been drafted for The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies to legislate local content quotas and other regulations on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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The new Hyundai i20


Hyundai buyers have been driven by pragmatism, durability, reliability, and trendsetting warranties. Emotion had little space in this equation and aesthetics was secondary until recently, where the new car radiates funkiness.

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