Meet Chris Pappas (30), Mayor of uMngeni, new face of SA politics – “sacrifice, not status”

One of the biggest shocks of South Africa’s local elections in November was the victory by the Democratic Alliance in the 67% Zulu-speaking, previously ANC-supporting uMngeni municipality. The surprise victory – the DA’s first in KZN – owes much to the efforts of multilingual Chris Pappas who, although only 30, is already something of a veteran at the DA. Pappas, born in Mooi River and the son of KZN Midlands farmers, describes himself as pragmatic but also “a hopeless idealist”. He may well reflect a political future few South Africans believe possible. Here is his unlikely story. – Alec Hogg

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Helen Zille attacks “criminal enterprise” ANC and deployed judges – looks ahead to new government in 2024

The federal chairperson of the Democratic Alliance has never been a shrinking violet. But in this powerful interview, Helen Zille surpasses her own direct approach by launching a bare knuckled attack on South Africa’s ruling political party whose “cadre deployment” strategy exposes it as the true architect of State Capture. Zille believes recent expose’s contained in the Zondo Commission’s report and recommendations show ANC-instigated crimes against the country are worse than even she imagined – but looks ahead with some optimism to a change in SA’s government after the 2024 National Elections. – Alec Hogg

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EWC: the year ahead

The past year ended on a dramatic note, with Parliament failing to pass the Bill to Amend Section 25 of the Constitution. This was a good day for the country. But it was not the final day of the saga and facing the new year should be done with a firm recognition of what is in store.

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Diversity in the BUNDESTAG

When it comes to diversity in the Bundestag, last year’s federal elections in Germany produced the most diverse parliament in the country’s history. The 2021-2025 Bundestag contains a record number (83) of parliamentarians from migrant communities – legislators who are not, or have at least one parent who is not, a German citizen. Moreover, over a third (35%) of legislators are now women, including the legislature’s two first openly transgender lawmakers.

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SA’s driver’s licence debacle – OUTA’s Duvenage explains what is behind the chaos

After complaints from many OUTA members, Wayne Duvenage’s organisation took a close look at the reasons for the delay in the issuing of an estimated half a million driver’s licenses. The investigation exposed a money-making racket at a government department – where officials are more interested in raking in cash than serving the public – with disastrous consequences as the ancient machine that produces the cards has broken down. – Alec Hogg

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Clem Sunter: The World in 2022 – five essential flags to watch

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve not yet been able to entice Clem Sunter to participate at the BizNews Investment conference. At 77, the doyen of South Africa’s scenario planners is in the most vulnerable group. Sensibly, he prefers to stay away from crowds. With Omicron’s spread and low mortalities signalling the end of the crisis, I’m hopeful we’ll get Clem to grace us with his presence at BNIC#4 in September. Which would be an excellent time to look back on the flags he has identified for this New Year – the closest thing you’ll find to a credible crystal ball for 2022. – Alec Hogg

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Following the resignation of Mr Gay World™ 2021 Louw Breytenbach from South Africa, the
organisation is delighted to announce that first runner-up Joel Rey Carcasona from the
Philippines will take over the role for the remainder of the reign.

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Open relationship?

Openly gay entertainment reporter reveals the one question about his relationship he’s tired of being asked: ‘We actually get this a lot’.

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