Land Cruiser Prado 3,0D VX-L

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Land Cruiser Prado 3,0D VX-L

By Michelle York

The Land Cruiser is the most widely available model in the global Toyota product range – being sold in more than 190 countries worldwide. The cult-like South African following with off-roading enthusiasts is well deserved as this behemoth lets very little stand in its way. At the launch a few months ago, Toyota let us cruise the Sani Pass. I use the word “cruise” because regardless of how daunting the pass was, the Cruiser sailed through it in absolute comfort.

Seldom has a vehicle been more aptly named! The all-terrain support systems help even unskilled drivers make the most of off-road performance. They also make the Prado one of the most technically advanced, safe, pleasurable and easy-to-use 4×4 vehicles in the world. Driving it after the launch let me experience it under my day-to-day driving conditions. Its powerful road presence and high levels of on-board technology mark it down as a premium 4×4. Considering the Cruiser is almost 5 metres long and close to 2 metres in width and height it’s a whole lot of vehicle to drive! Having to transport some larger items the space just boggled the mind. The interior was chock-full of luxury and sophistication and eventually I had to stop playing with all the gadgets or I would never have left my driveway.

Once on the road I had to constantly fight the urge to simply cruise down to the coast for an impromptu holiday. I must admit that the tyre pressure warning system had me seeing red as, even after three stops at garages I could not get it to switch off. Other than that, I had very little to complain about. The standard convenience specification list is befitting the stature of the Land Cruiser Prado – and I had loads more extras. Besides being short and almost needing a step ladder to hoist myself into the driver’s seat, once on my throne I was truly the queen of the road.

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