Gay Movie: The Cakemaker

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Starring Tim Kalkhof and Sarah Adler. Directed by Ofir Raul Graizer


If these DVDs received star-ratings, this one would have earned five stars and taken its place as one of the top 10 best gay films ever made. It is subdued, delicate, sober and carefully plotted. Another plus point is the lead actor, the splendid Tim Kalkhof, who even gained twenty pounds, going from a six-pack to slightly chubby in order to register as a real human being, not eye-candy for the cover. The unique story (based on actual events) is about a gay German pastry maker who falls in love with a Jewish man. After his death he travels to Jerusalem to meet the dead boyfriend’s wife, child and heterosexual brother. This leads to painful complications. Directed with great skill and a human touch, this is a brilliant addition to your collection. Strongly recommended.

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