Petrol poofs

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So you think gays know nothing about cars? Think again. We love it as much as we love chest hair, muscles and hot boys.


What truly makes you happy? Something that knowingly brings out your grin and makes you feel content? That answer for me is the motoring world, everything and anything cars, from how they sound, to how they feel, and simply just looking at them. The metallic and robust motoring world makes me simply giggle with joy.

In the last year I set about in following a goal of becoming a professional motoring journalist, putting a money driven career behind me and doing what makes me happy, it might seem clichéd to say, but still a profound bit of knowledge passed down from many greats, so take it! Through this passion, my mind has been expanded and moulded, I have learnt so much and met so many gay individuals making waves in the car industry.

There is a lot to appreciate about a great car, and just as these three things apply to what I look for in a man, these boxes must be ticked for me when enjoying a car: attractiveness, performance, and quality. It is the first thing that will always catch my eye, sharp lines, menacing grills, aggressive headlights and a muscular body that makes you think “this looks dangerous but fun”.

Performance is always essential, I experience the biggest grin when I feel a powerful…

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