Volkswagen T-Cross 1,0 TSI

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Driving the much-anticipated T-Cross proved to be more fun than standing and looking at it. I find it to be a very handsome car, but also felt that Volkswagen may have played it safe on the design style – a swollen Polo by the looks of it.

My design critique aside, I oddly do have a soft spot for the car, especially in the striking turquoise we received it in.

The front-wheel drive small crossover has a very spacious ride inside. Despite the similarities to its slimmer sibling, the Polo, there is a superior feeling with a slight raise in ride height. I did find a few questionable plastics and interior finishes which almost spoil the overall build quality, which is quite pleasant and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

The engine caught me off guard – the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, coupled with a 1,0-litre 3-cylinder engine has such short gear ratios that I initially mistook it for a diesel engine. You really have to plant your foot down to build up the revs, squeezing performance out of the nimble powertrain. But I constantly needed to remind myself to abandon the power thirsty attitude in fairness to all types of driver’s needs.

A natural born city cruiser with lots of low-down torque and creature comfort features inside, but avoid any potholes and rough urban terrains as the ride is a bit on the firmer side, especially coupled up with the Highline trim option. The only issue I foresee with the T-Cross is pricing, athough the initial base price is attractive, features will push your budget into the R400K region.

If you can hold out till the first quarter of 2020, Volkswagen will introduce a modest 70kW version which will come in under R300K.

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