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BMW X7 M50d

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This is one particular expansion to the X range that excites me, the behemoth X7 definitely has a neck cracking presence on the road, one as large as the controversial grille on its façade.


I drove the M50d derivative and boy, a diesel has never left such a large grin on my face. Without a doubt the design style is not for everyone, the front being massively bold, whilst the back is often mistaken for the X5. 

One point I think all petrol heads would agree on is the selection of powertrain which keeps the 22-inch rims rolling at a rapid rate. The quad-turbo, yes 4 turbos, are coupled to a 3,0-litre 6-cylinder magic machine, producing enough power to sustain a small village… or Eskom. 

The power however is effortless, it isn’t a sudden kick to the neck on foot-flawed pull off, but rather a gentle push in the lower back. Once you have built up speed, if it weren’t for a heads up display system, it would be hard to gauge your speed as it is unbelievably comfortable when dominating most South African tarred surfaces. 

The interior is draped in luxurious soft-touch materials, aluminium finished switches, and open pore wood worth caressing and stroking. The X7 has the very best NVH control (noise, vibration, harshness) I have yet to experience, coupled up with the Bowers and Wilkins, the outer world hustle is immune to the cabin. The 6 configuration seat set up in this test car offered the best of comfort for all passengers, even anyone banished to the 3rd row will find it surprisingly spacious and accommodating. 

SUVs have become symbolic for success, and at a price tag of just under R2 million, no one would ever doubt your good fortune and taste when your land yacht docks at a Saturday brunch. The list of standard features does however justify the price tag, you will discover something new every day!

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