Werner Klopper, Reiki Master

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Reiki offers incredible potential for healing and spiritual development. Mikao Usui is the father of Reiki and successfully healed thousands of people with physical, spiritual, and emotional problems. Reiki has become popular in South Africa during the past 20 years but has been around for 80 years.

During my childhood I discovered that I was extremely sensitive to other people and to spiritual energy. Coming from a traditional religious family, this aspect of my being was suppressed, and I never fully explored this gift until my twenties. Life took me on a few rollercoaster rides, not all of them good, and only in my early thirties did I learn to make peace with myself and enjoy my spiritual journey. Over the past few years, I have completed and practiced numerous Reiki and Crystal Healing courses because it is my passion and allows me to help others who seek guidance and better health.

I rediscovered my own potential to a far more elevated extent during lockdown. This isolation gave me enough time to reflect on how we all need to interact with ourselves as well as others. I really wish to offer my services to help people who seek guidance in finding themselves and connect with their higher selves. Currently I can only offer mobile services in and around Johannesburg, however, I will open a practice at home at a later stage. It will be my privilege and pleasure to assist you in your quest.

Please phone me on 071 441-9750

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