Letter to Santa: Do you love me for being gay?

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A note written from “Will” in a child’s scrawl was posted to a website run by USPS Operation Santa, which collects letters penned to Father Christmas.

“Dear Santa, do you support the LGBTQ community and if you can speak to God, can you tell him I love him, and if he loves me for being gay[?]” Will asked.

“Thank you,” he concluded. “Love, Will.”

Most letters shared to Operation Santa ask for toys; several include illustrations. Will’s letter, an unusual request dealing with LGBTQ+ identity from such a young person, was seen by Nancy Cruz-Garcia, who felt moved to share the letter on Twitter

“This letter to Santa broke my heart,” she captioned the tweet.

Others responded expressing concern for Will. Others assured him that, of course, Will, you are loved. And there are numerous organizations supporting LGBTQ+ kids of all ages and their parents.

While it may be unusual for a child who is young enough to believe in Santa to identify as gay, LGBTQ+ people are “born this way,” as the Lady Gaga song attests. Additionally, research has shown that all kids are gender-fluid, with a “princess phase” being a perfectly normal rite of passage for boys.

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