Anderson Cooper on being gay

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Anderson Cooper was asked by a viewer on Full Circle about how old he was when he accepted that he was gay.

“I think I really, truly accepted it. And not just accepted it, but fully embraced it and came around to really loving the fact that I was gay right after college,” Cooper said.
Cooper shared that he struggled to come to terms with being gay because of limitations he and others faced in the late 80s. Anderson thought about joining the military, but in 1982, the US Army declared homosexuality to be “incompatible with military service.” Anderson wanted to travel, but being gay was illegal in some countries. In the late 80s and early 90s, a couple states allowed same-sex couples to register for domestic partnerships, but weren’t allowed to marry.
“It wasn’t what I envisioned for my life,” he said. “I imagined a family, getting married, and all those things which weren’t possible at the time.”
“I think about a year after college I realized I don’t want to waste any more time worrying about this and wishing I was some other way,” Cooper said. “I think being gay is one of the blessings of my life. And it made me a better person, it made me a better reporter.”
“It’s enabled me to love the people that I’ve loved and have the life that I’ve had,” Cooper said. “So I’m very blessed.”

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