Audi Q8 55TFSI Quattro

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Seeing the Q8 for the first time immediately had me salivating. It is an absolute style symbol, with its bold futuristic design and larger-than-life exterior including 22-inch alloy tekkies.


*Prices accurate at time of publishing in Gay Pages Spring 2019

I might be a fool, but the fun LED animations in both the rear lights and headlamps made me extremely happy. Let it be known, I am a show-off, and so is the Q8!

Consumers’ love of SUVs has led to this crowning glory of the Audi Q family. It falls under the same class as the BMW X4 as a premium coupé-SUV, or Sports Activity Coupé, and for those who read our Autumn issue, they would know how much I love this segment. 

Critiques, that the slanting roof line restricts fitting taller passengers in the back, is unfounded in this case. It might be slightly less spacious that the Q7 on which it is based, but who needs all that baggage anyway? This car is still huge!

The 3,0-litre V6 petrol engine will have petrolheads ecstatic, but do not expect rumbling engine noises, as the cabin is extremely quiet, as is demanded of those who wish to exude elegance. Acceleration is good for the size of this monster, and needless to say cornering bends or driving over speed bumps reminds me of candyfloss, no matter how big the piece you bite off it melts away instantly. This SUV is comfort and refinement epitomised. The interior is angular and beautifully crafted, something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. I certainly could not want for anything technology-wise, and at the price you are paying, you should expect a lot! It has a fabulous digital dashboard, climate control touch screen and on-board computer touchscreen, with a satisfying click sound when you are working them. Really, the only thing I am not crazy about is the gaping plastic grille on the exterior. The rest, is magic, and I am afraid my love for the BMW X4 has been supplanted…now let’s see what the X7 stirs in my soul.

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