‘No Time To Die’ hints Q is gay in landmark LGBTQ+ scene.

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No Time to Die features a scene that seems to confirm Ben Whishaw’s Q is gay, making his character the first ally of James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) to be out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Though the 007 franchise has previously had characters that were coded gay or were LGBTQ+ in the Ian Fleming books, these were nearly all villains.

In the new Bond movie (**spoilers ahead**), Bond and Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) make a surprise visit to Q’s apartment to launch a covert mission without the knowledge of M (Ralph Fiennes).

Clearly not anticipating them showing up unannounced, Q is setting out a romantic dinner for two, only for his plans to be ruined by Bond and Moneypenny trying to save the world. As they barge into his home, he complains an unnamed “he” is set to arrive in “20 minutes,” and that it this is the “first time” he’s meeting his mystery guest. He also adds, “can’t a guy have a nice night to himself for once?”

Though it is never said, the implication is clear: Q has been on the ol’ dating apps, and is about to have a first date with a new man.

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