Non-binary style on TikTok.

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How non-binary TikTok creators are helping a generation find their style.

While up-and-coming gender-fluid and non-binary designers like Harris Reed and Ella Boucht have begun to make their mark, it’s also no secret that the fashion establishment hasn’t made much of an effort to design for non-binary people — at least that’s if the collection after collection of drab, supposedly “gender-fluid” beige hoodies and graphic tees is to judge by.
And while gender non-conforming, trans and non-binary people have existed forever, social media means that they have a new visibility and means of making their voices heard (including sharing memes roasting each subpar unisex capsule collection). However, in the past year or so, TikTok has becomes the grounds for a thriving style community, where non-binary content creators swap gender-affirming fashion tips or simply — but no less importantly — freely express their style.
“Fashion is a vehicle for expression,” said Kate Sabatine, who uses the handle @k8sabz, in an email interview. “Every day I wake up and ask myself, ‘What gender do I want to express myself as?”

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