Daniel Craig loves gay bars.

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Daniel Craig reveals he prefers gay bars as he does not ‘get into fights’ in them and is ‘sick of the aggressive d*** swinging in hetero bars’.

Daniel Craig has revealed he prefers going to gay bars and has ‘grown sick of the aggressive d*** swinging’ he encounters at ‘hetero bars.’

The 53-year-old movie star was on his pal Bruce Bozzi’s SiriusXM podcast promoting his final James Bond movie No Time To Die.

During the chat he dished that when he was single he would also frequent gay bars as ‘there were a lot of girls there for exactly the same reason I was.’

Daniel, who has been married to fellow film actress Rachel Weisz for a decade, shared: ‘Listen, you know, I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember and one of the reasons – because I don’t get into fights in gay bars that often.’

He added that ‘the aggressive d*** swinging in hetero bars, I just got very sick of as a kid because it was like ”I just don’t wanna end up being in a punch up”. And I did, that would happen quite a lot.’

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