‘The White Lotus: Sicily’ welcomes viewers to a room with a view… of Theo James completely naked

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Ciao and benvenuta to The White Lotus: Sicily, where the cast is hot, the sexual tension is high, and the appendages are (probably) prosthetic.

After months of anticipation, HBO’s Emmy-winning social satire returns with a premiere that luxuriates in its breathtaking Italian island setting, while also letting us get to know a select few American visitors and re-introducing us to Jennifer Coolidge’s hapless, hopeless, and incredibly watchable Tanya McQuiod. There’s also the matter of the bodies that have washed ashore—teased in the episode’s opening minutes—but it’s likely that plot point won’t matter again until he season’s final scenes, just like 2021’s visit to Hawaii.

That leaves us a lot of time to kick back with the guests, and you’ll hear no complaints here because this is a fascinating group. It’s also shaping up to be one horny season of television!

Prior to the premiere, the internet was abuzz when star Theo James teased he would be “very naked” in Sicily, which the show did not wait long to confirm! His character, Cameron, is a businessman vacationing with his stay-at-home wife Daphne (Meghann Fahy) and another couple, Ethan and Harper (Will Sharpe and Aubrey Plaza). Despite their adjoining rooms, it’s clear these aren’t the best of friends, and their first day at the resort is one filled with unease and distrust.

Still, Cameron has no trouble making himself comfortable. His luggage lost in transit, Harper takes him up to her room to lend him swim trunks, which he changes into in the middle of the room. Harper—and, by extension, the lucky viewers at home—are treated to an eyeful as we see Cameron changing from behind, letting it all hang out.

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