WATCH: This boundary-pushing gay erotic thriller from Israel asks: Do you know who’s in your bed?

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You know a movie is going to be a thrill ride when even the trailer gives you an adrenaline rush.

That’s definitely the case with Israeli director Nitzan Gilady’s upcoming film, In Bed, an erotic drama pulsing with sex, music, drugs, and danger.

Fair warning that this taboo-prodding feature isn’t going to be for everyone, and certainly not for the faint of heart. Taking place over one eventful day, In Bed opens at a gay Pride parade, where best friends Guy (Israel Ogalbo) and Joy (Moran Rosenblatt) are living it up.

Tragically, these opening moments of bliss are cut short by a shooting. Guy and Joy to run home to safety, where they feel compelled to continue celebrating—perhaps in defiance of the horrors they just witnessed.

Guy invites a fellow survivor in, a man named Dan (Dean Miroshnikov) who is visible rattled, and encourages him to loosen up and party along with them.

But as the night wears on, paranoia begins to seep in, especially when the group hears that the shooter is still at large. Do we really know the people in our homes and in our beds?


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