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This new Netflix gay rom-com is ‘what Bros wished it was’

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A new gay romantic comedy series from Spain, Smiley, arrived on Netflix a few weeks ago and is getting glowing reviews from queer viewers.

The series, which dropped on the streaming platform on December 7, is set in Barcelona and follows bartender Álex (Carlos Cuevas) and architect Bruno (Miki Esparbé).

The two gay men meet by chance because of a wrong phone number. After being ghosted by a guy, Álex leaves a heated voicemail that is accidentally sent to Bruno.

But Bruno is charmed by Álex’s outburst and calls the stranger, ultimately setting up a date with him.

However the two gay men are very different – they disagree about everything – but that doesn’t stop the pair from sharing a great hookup.

Then in the morning, both of them fail to make a next move and it seems like their moment passes.

The men try and move on with new romantic interests Ibra and Ramon. The other men seem much more perfectly matched to Alex and Bruno.

But Alex and Bruno just can’t stop thinking about each other.

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