Cheyenne Jackson’s 6-year-old twins came out to him and it was adorable

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Actor Cheyenne Jackson posted a sweet video over the weekend. It offers a glimpse into his family life.

Cheyenne, 47, met his husband, Jason Landau, in 2013. They married in 2014. In October 2016, they welcomed twins Ethan and Willow into their lives, meaning their kids are now six years old.

Cheyenne said they recently experienced a “big night” in their family: “A big night for any parent.” His kids came out to him.

“Our kids came out. As straight,” he says. “We were eating dinner and out of the blue, Willow says, ‘I don’t think I’m gay.’

Jackson, obviously surprised by this announcement from his six-year-old, thought it best to just acknowledge it. “Me and Jason were like, ‘OK. Great. I mean, we love you no matter what’.”

He continues that “Then, Ethan, without missing a beat and without looking up from his food goes, ‘Yeah, I’m not gay either. But I want to go to the parade’.”

On Instagram, the video prompted plenty of love.

“Omg. I love you all. ❤️” commented Ricki Lake. Rosie O’Donnell, who is also a gay parent, posted, “Love this ❤️❤️❤️”

Actress and singer Laure Bell Bundy said, “I just love everything about all of that. And you. ❤️. I still wanna go to the parade too….”

It’s a sweet insight into same-sex parenting. Given they’re only six years old, there’s every chance Ethan and Willow may express something else when they’re older. However, one thing is for sure. Whatever their sexuality, Cheyenne and his husband Jason will love and support them.


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