COVID tops the list of the four greatest scams in the history of medicine – Tim Noakes’

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Professor Tim Noakes returned to the public platform as a keynote speaker at the fifth BizNews Conference in March 2023. In this uncensored recording of his presentation, Noakes unequivocally yet calmly calls COVID the greatest scam in the history of medicine.

Following the COVID crime scene, Noakes details three other egregious medical science crimes – the diet-heart cholesterol/statins scam, that the real pandemic is type 2 diabetes and obesity and the addictive ultra-processed food crime scene. Noakes’ delivery of data-backed realities – carried out with perceptive skill beyond reproach – further solidified his standing as one of the few scientists still committed to science and what it stood for before it became stunted by doctrine. – by Nadya Swart


Excerpts from the uncensored version of Tim Noakes’ BNC#5 presentation

Tim Noakes on the COVID crime scene

COVID-19 was a crime scene, and that will become apparent. If you want to read about Anthony Fauci, The Real Anthony Fauci, written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Is the book. It exposes him as a criminal scientist. He’s got no interest in science. He’s a classic example of what I’m talking about [regarding imitation scientists and pseudo-science]. 

And this you won’t have seen yet, but this book – War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports eBook: Find Out What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal – has just been released. Naomi Wolf got 3,000 people to look at the Pfizer data that they would not originally release. They’ve gone through all the information. And they’re showing it is an utter catastrophe. The vaccine injuries are horrendous, particularly amongst women. 

On the diet-heart cholesterol/statins crime scene

Let’s move on to the crime scene that now gets to an area where I’m more of an expert – the Ddiet-heart cholesterol/statin crime scene. And by the time you’re finished, I hope you will throw your statins away because I’ll prove to you that they’ve got nothing to do with heart disease. Okay, so I have written a series, as you may have read on, and this is all about how Ancel Keys confused us and promoted a fake hypothesis. 

So I became aware of this in 2011. I first published Challenging Beliefs: Memoirs of a Career – my biography – and then I changed my mind and the nutrition. So one of the chapters that I added to the second edition was Nutrition 101 because now I changed my diet from high carb to low carb. And I quoted George Mann: “The cholesterol lipid theory of heart disease is the public health version of the century, the greatest scam in the history of medicine.” It was the greatest scam until COVID came along. 

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