Welcome to the stage, the RuPublicans!

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This Instagram Account Is Turning Anti-LGBTQ+ Republicans Into Drag Queens.

Republican politicians, lawmakers, and pundits have been tirelessly pushing anti-drag, anti-trans, and anti-gay bills across the United States. In what feels like the 2020s analog to the “satanic panic” sentiment of the 1980s, GOP figureheads are attempting to paint queer people and drag performers as real threats to children – without any real substance to their arguments.

The fight against these prominent conservative forces lives on with performances at major award shows, digital benefits held to raise money, in-person protests, as well as the Drag Defense Fund started by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and producers behind MTV’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Another form of protest has surfaced as the parody Instagram page @RuPublicans, which describes itself as “GOP glammed up.” Through the magic of artificial intelligence (AI), art can be created of Republican figureheads looking all done up in drag. And the result? Absolutely ru-larious.

Scroll through to see Republican politicians and pundits turned into drag queens – and make sure to follow @rupublicans on Instagram.

Source: https://www.out.com/politics/rupublicans#rebelltitem3

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