Coalition politics is here to stay

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A coalition of the ‘good people’ will prevail in Johannesburg City Council – Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip Corné Mulder.

There has been a flurry of negotiation behind the scenes to get opposition parties to agree on who should be the next Mayor of Johannesburg and how to keep the ANC/EFF candidate out. Freedom Front Plus Member of Parliament and Chief Whip of the party, Corné Mulder, told BizNews that he has had discussions with other political parties and was confident that ‘good people’ would succeed on Friday when the council reconvened and that the Democratic Alliance’s Mpho Phalatse or Funzi Ngobeni from ActionSA would become Johannesburg’s new Mayor. He also told BizNews how he believed that coalition was the magic bullet to get rid of the ANC and that the FF+ is not interested in including the ruling party in any coalition as he believed they had nothing to contribute. The ANC brought its A-team at the time of Nelson Mandela, Mulder said, but they left and “we are now busy with the G or H-team.” – Linda van Tilburg

Election of 2024 is already being fought in metros of Gauteng

I believe what is going to happen in the metros is a precursor of what we may expect to happen next year in the provinces and in Gauteng, but also on a national level. So, there’s a huge struggle at the moment between the different parties happening in Gauteng. We are busy at the moment trying to put together a coalition of the good people, can I put it that way, the good guys or the good parties or those that should be part of the Moonshot Pact.

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