How world sees South Africa

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Only thing keeping SA from total chaos is its private sector.


Every South African is aware of the chaos the country is in today. It’s something the rest of the world will read about today, courtesy of this in-depth article by global news provider Bloomberg. It is a tale of a country teetering on becoming a failed state. The conclusion: Were it not for the nation’s continuously abused private sector, the socialist ANC government in power since 1994 would have driven the nation into the ground long ago. Indeed, left to its own devices, its misguided economic policies may well succeed in turning a nation that 30 years ago produced almost half of Africa’s GDP (then $153bn of $325bn – now at under 20%) into another Zimbabwe or Venezuelan basket case. On the upside, SA is a constitutional democracy. Next year its citizens can use their votes to punish those who created this disaster. – Alec Hogg

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