Gay water – the newest very gay drink taking the US by storm

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How Spencer Hoddeson leaned into thirst & created the gayest beverage ever.

The dream started with a drink order and a quip. Out to dinner with one of his girlfriends, Spencer Hoddeson ordered a vodka soda, and asked his dining partner if she ever heard of the term “gay water.”

Her response gave him the inspiration he needed. She said she thought so, but even if she hadn’t, she would’ve guessed it.

While gays love to drink, they don’t love putting down calories–especially on a night out. That’s where the vodka soda comes in.

It has a lot of alcohol, and basically nothing else.

In other words, it’s…gay water!

The next day, Hoddeson trademarked the moniker. Eighteen months later, Gay Water is now on store shelves, and can be shipped to more than 30 states.

For Hoddeson, it’s a gay dream come true.

“The idea is there are not a ton of businesses out there with ‘gay’ in the title,” he told Queerty. ” At its core definition, gay means happy, which I know sounds kind of cliché. But gay and queer people are happy, and just trying to live their lives.”

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