The allure and seduction of gay wolves

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What you need to know. Gay wolves are defined by their chiseled bodies, unyielding masculinity, and ravenous sexuality.

There’s a reason wolves are considered apex predators, but in the gay animal kingdom, they only prey on the consensual hearts that lust after them. Roam the Queerty jungle to discover what makes gay wolves emblems of shameless manhood and desire. 

What is a gay wolf?

A gay wolf is a tribe deviation from the popular gay bear subculture. They share common denominators, such as a rugged physique and hairiness.

But while bears have larger body types, wolves align with their namesake in lean strength. They possess an athletic demeanor reminiscent of jocks and maintain a more toned physique rather than bulking up like pumped-up gym rats. 

Body hair is less of a proud distinguishing feature, but a gay wolf doesn’t shy away from it. It’s part of their manliness, and they always have some type of facial hair.

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