Transnet: another epic ANC failure

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Gatvol Business has finally lost patience on Transnet disaster of “epic” proportions.


The most authentic voice of South Africa’s organised business comes from local chambers of commerce, whose membership has a high proportion of entrepreneurs and owner-managers. Mostly because members of these chambers rely less on government business than often too-beholden corporates. So, to really know what SA Business is thinking, there’s nobody better to listen to than Melanie Veness, who chairs the association of all SA’s chambers of commerce. Veness is no stranger to talking truth to power. As the long-serving CEO of the Pietermaritzburg and KZN Midlands chamber, she has tackled many controversial issues, including during the July 2021 Riots when she was the sole voice of those hardest hit by the destruction. Veness is at her most feisty here, explaining why businesses have ‘had it’ with Transnet, a once-efficient operation stuffed with incompetent and often arrogant ANC deployed cadres. She says Business has taken too many hits from this useless monopoly and demands decisive action from Transnet management’s ultimate boss, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan. – Alec Hogg


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