Gay men can identify each other by smell

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Gay men don’t need a good gaydar because they can quite literally sniff each other out, according to research discussed on US talk show The View.

The controversial Channel 4 show, in which people choose dates based on their prospective partner’s naked body, has been airing in the UK since 2016, but has only just been made accessible to US viewers via streaming service Max. 

Actress and fellow presenter Whoopi Goldberg introduced a discussion about the programme, which has caused a storm in the US since it began airing earlier this week.

Revealing that she was already a fan, Hostin said: “I’m very embarrassed to admit that [my husband] Manny and I got so obsessed with this show that we binged it yesterday. We watched all eight episodes.”

She went on to say it has taught her several things – including what a Prince Albert piercing is. 

Hostin then proceeded to bring up “research” that suggests homosexual men have a “different scent attraction” and “have a nose for each other”.

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