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South Africa embraces corporate nanny trend – Adrian Wooldridge

Adrian Wooldridge discusses the resurgence of what he terms “nanny companies” in today’s corporate landscape, where corporations increasingly take on roles akin to a caretaker, providing various benefits and social support for their employees. This concept, reminiscent of historical company paternalism, has evolved to address modern concerns like health, wellness, and even housing for their staff. The shift towards corporate nannying is seen as a response to the deficiencies or retreat of the state in providing certain services. While acknowledging potential issues such as societal divisions and corporate overreach, Wooldridge largely applauds this trend, emphasising the voluntary nature of employee engagement and the positive impact these corporate actions can have on societal problems like obesity or housing shortages. Ultimately, Wooldridge underscores the adaptability of individuals to choose alternative employment if they disagree with a company’s approach, while acknowledging the beneficial impact of corporate intervention in addressing pressing social issues.

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