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At distance of 137 light-years, astronomers discover a ‘habitable’ Super-Earth.

Astronomers uncover a ‘habitable’ Super-Earth, TOI-715 b, 137 light-years away—a beacon of possibility in the cosmic quest for habitable planets.

The quest for Earth 2.0 has been lengthy and challenging, with astronomers worldwide diligently exploring every potential avenue to discover a world similar to ours. Recently, their focus shifted towards a celestial neighbor located a mere 137 light-years away—a “super-Earth” named TOI-715 b, found orbiting a diminutive, reddish star.

This intriguing revelation may not stand alone; there’s a possibility of a companion planet, approximately Earth-sized, both residing within the “conservative” habitable zone encircling their parent star.

TOI-715 b, boasting a size one and a half times that of Earth, follows an orbit perfectly situated at the optimal distance from its star, potentially allowing for liquid water on its surface—a crucial element for life as we understand it.


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