Sasol confirms Boegoebaai potential and commences search for partners

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Sasol has completed a pre-feasibility study into the Boegoebaai green hydrogen/ammonia export opportunity, which has confirmed that it has the potential to be technically and economically viable with successful partnering as one of the key enablers.

In pursuit of partnerships, Sasol has appointed Mizuho International plc as financial advisor to support the international search for partners to co-invest and to complete further studies in this continent-leading opportunity.

The Boegoebaai Green Hydrogen Programme was gazetted as one of the South African Government’s Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP) in December 2022 and has reserved a prime location in the proposed Boegoebaai campus within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to be established in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa directly adjacent to a new planned specialist deepwater port. This opportunity’s location and classification as a SIP are key enablers to exploring Boegoebaai’ s potential as a global multi-investor green hydrogen hub.

Under the ‘Reinvent’ pillar of its strategy, Sasol continues to advance several catalytic studies to develop both local and export opportunities in the region.  This is aligned with South Africa’s ambitions to establish the country as a significant green hydrogen production and global export hub.

“Sasol recognises and embraces its responsibility as a leader of the energy transition in South Africa, including building the new industrial frontier that green hydrogen represents. A partnership construct, in pursuing this ambition, is critical in our disciplined capital allocation approach to manage the inherent risk of such an early-stage development,” said Priscillah Mabelane, Executive Vice President for the Energy Business at Sasol.

Enquiries to the financial advisor on the Boegoebaai co-investor search, Mizuho International plc, can be directed to Victor Barcot or Gerard McHugh at:

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