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Gay airline employee subject to ‘torture’ after arrest in Qatar, family says.

Beware of Grindr sting operation in Qatar. Best to avoid travelling there, even as a layover stop when flying internationally. – GP

The family of 44-year-old Manuel Guerrero say that Qatari authorities have subjected him to torture by depriving him of his HIV medication.

The family of a gay airline employee is demanding his release from Qatari prison, accusing authorities of torture by withholding his HIV medication.

Manuel Guerrero, 44, moved to Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal, seven years ago for his work. He was detained on February 4, according to his relatives, who say that the Mexican-British dual citizen was entrapped by law enforcement through a fake Grindr profile. They also claim that authorities framed him for drug possession by planting a quarter of a gram of methamphetamine in his apartment.

Guerrero’s brother, Enrique, said that their family was not informed of his arrest until 23 days after it occurred. He told Agence France Presse that Guerrero “was forced to sign numerous documents in Arabic that he does not understand. He did not have an interpreter or a lawyer. The embassies were never informed by the Qatari government.”

“It’s not acceptable for a Mexican and British citizen to be imprisoned because of their sexual orientation,” he said.

Guerrero also told his brother that Qatari authorities also forced him to name other LGBTQ+ people, and that they are currently refusing to administer his HIV medication. Enrique spoke further in an interview on Mexican television, via The US Sun, referring to the acts as “torture,” and stating that authorities have also deprived his brother of food and water, and allegedly forced him to witness other prisoners’ whippings.

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