This video of Tom Daley with two shirtless hunks in a hotel room answers a lot of questions

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British diver Tom Daley posted a video last month in which he and his current diving partner, Noah Williams answered questions from followers.

The video proved popular. So much so that Daley has done it again, but with a twist. This week he invited one of his former diving partners, Daniel Goodfellow, to join him and Williams.

Daley and Goodfellow won bronze medals diving together at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

In this new video, Daley asks Goodfellow and Williams a series of questions from fans to find out which of them knows him better.

It’s sweet to see the camaraderie between the three athletes. We’re also not complaining about the fact they chose to do the Q&A session topless.

Like Williams, some of you may also be interested to know that Goodfellow also has his own (non-sexual) OnlyFans! The YouTube video has links to them both.

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