British Embassy Kathmandu, call for bids: LGBT+ Enabling Fund

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The British Embassy in Kathmandu is inviting organisations to submit project proposals that support LGBT+ awareness, advocacy, and artistic expression in Nepal.


The British Embassy in Kathmandu (BEK) has a small pot of funding to scale up our ambition to support LGBT+ awareness, advocacy, and artistic expression in Nepal. We will fund a maximum of 3 LGBT+ organisations across the following areas:

  • celebrating LGBT+ arts, culture, and expression: funding to showcase artist creativity and visibility
  • Catalytic Advocacy Fund: funding to focus on important advocacy work that will help shift the dial on promoting and expanding LGBT+ rights and awareness in Nepal
  • capability and awareness-raising activities: funding to provide trainings that will increase capability, awareness and understanding on LGBT+ rights, correct terminology and how to be a proactive ally in Nepal for organisations in the development sector including BEK


Activities must be carried out between 1 June 2024 and 31 March 2025.


Organisations must be officially registered, have registered bank account and can demonstrate their ability to deliver. Organisations must have in place policies and procedures to effectively manage fiduciary and safeguarding risks.

How to apply

Read more detail about this call for proposals in the terms of reference (ODT, 51.5 KB)

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