The product would also have NO link to a female product, which men would feel more comfortable with. It would speak to him directly in an easy way to understand, with the best formulations in each category of product, specifically formulated for South African conditions. Cosmetic chemists in South Africa found new raw materials with advanced technology to create formulations for all skin types which were also ideal for sensitive skins.

Complimentary product information leaflets are available at all stockists to assist men to become more knowledgeable on their skincare regime.

The developed formulations were tested on a panel of 35 males aged between 18 – 70, across all races. All 35 men reported a marked improvement in the appearance and condition of their skin within 7 days of regular use. An extraordinary point is that the men who had not used any skin care products previously reported how much they enjoyed the experience and would continue to use facial products. Those who had used skincare products previously, found these new formulations for the South African climate preferable to those they were currently using.

The results from the panel of 35 men unanimously endorsed the product use, range, packaging and pricing. Without having the luxury of bringing samples in from abroad, the Edgars buyer was briefed monthly on the progress of the range. The range is now available in the South African market.

With social responsibility being important in today’s society, michaelgameplan is the first men’s skincare range endorsed by CANSA and branded with the first blue ribbon. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this range are being donated to CANSA for prostate and testicular cancer.

This wonderful range has been born with the support and encouragement of his family, the staff of Fisher Brands, Edgars, Foschini and Markham Cosmetic Departments, DC Labs Manufacturing, Belmay SA , CTL Manufacturers , Sorted A&Di our creative design agency, Willow Soaps, RAP bottle suppliers, Emold tube manufacturers, Zippy Labels, House Of Print for the cartons and point of sale material as well as all other suppliers of Fisher Brands that have been involved.

Developed, formulated with the latest technology in the world, the products are water based with moisturisers vitamins, natural botanical extracts which include tea tree, rooibos and aloe vera is totally manufactured in South Africa for the harsher southern hemisphere climate.

michaelgameplan is a great product range of skin care products for men of all ages to ensure that their skin looks and stays looking good for life. The products are easy to use, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins, takes less than three minutes of your time, and best of all the blades last longer when using michaelgameplan low foaming shaving gel.