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Peter was born in the UK and then raised in Arabia and always wanted to return to where the people and the sun shines. He trained as a chef for many years, for which his friends are eternally grateful. He left the food industry to become a steward for British Airways, which he hated and left after six years. Following that, he went on to open a small flower shop in greater London which went on to “run me” for sixteen long years. It eventually became a four-story emporium with nine staff. “My clients would fly me and a team around the world to do events and decor in Chateaus and on luxury ships!” says Peter.

In 2002 he moved permanently to SA after arriving on a one-way three-week passage on an ocean liner with no idea what he was going to do. “I just followed my heart to this stunning country.” He started off in Cape Town and bought a house in Wilderness on a whim while visiting for a few days in 2007, intending to fix it up a bit and resell, as it was being sold off so inexpensively. It was a real mess and it took three years to put it all right and in that time Peter fell completely in love with the area and all it has to offer.

“Together with my amazing garden, the wildlife that visit, as well as a wonderful network of friends. From the long and sometimes scary three years of complete restoration, semi demolition, rebuilding and redesigning, the Phoenix rose from the rubble and is now an elegant, contemporary guest house.”

Phoenix Guest House, Wilderness.

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