Peugeot 3008 1,6T SUV GT-Line+

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What is stylish yet aggressive, smooth yet powerful, and advanced yet easy to drive? It’s not a difficult riddle; the answer is the acclaimed new Peugeot 3008.

By Kevin du Plessis

Aside from its impressive accolades, this crossover SUV is seemingly engineered and stitched together by the gods for an overall heavenly driving experience.

This robust and assertive vehicle runs on an efficient 1,6-litre engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission which creates a feeling of willingness without pretence, superbly geared to go around bends and travel South African roads with complete control. When it comes to acceleration and power it overtakes like a dream, especially so when in sport mode, which has thrilling engine noises projected through the speakers in the cabin. Being an SUV it does also have real off-road capability but it is not a hardcore 4×4.

The 3008 is focused to bring out driving which is enriched by emotive experiences. This shows especially in the vehicle’s strong futuristic exterior design and the original interior. It has everything from adjustable mood lighting, elegant perfumed scents, seat massage, musical ambience settings, large storage bins, to ample cabin and loading space. And when it comes to the technology, the brand new Peugeot i-Cockpit has versatile technology that not only excites with its visually attractive animations, but also takes your instrument panel to new levels of functionality. The infotainment is flawless and user friendly and makes use of stylish piano-key switches. The 3008 GT Line is truly a car from above.

That said, it has entered into a saturated market and will have to compete with the likes of the VW Tiguan, Nissan Qashqai, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage.

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