Peugeot 208 1,2 GT Line Manual

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When you tell people you like Peugeot they automatically say something along the lines of “blah, blah, resale value”. But I can’t help it; I have fallen in love with this brand.


*Prices and Specs accurate at time of publishing

Ever since I tested the 3008 SUV GT Line (which is one of my absolute favourite cars), I knew it was the beginning of an affair between the lion and I. And now the kingly cat has taken me on another date with the 208 GT Line, and it was just strawberries and cream.

There is something about the hum of this 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that just rubs me up the right way, almost like a French accent. It must have a lot to do with the award-winning PureTech engine, and the fact that the torque on this small hatch is pretty good. Handling and balance is superb (especially with the compact multifunction steering wheel), making it such a hit for driving around town. The interaction between driver and car is very intuitive.

Fuel economy is also great with the award-winning PureTech engine, helping the environment and your pocket.

As for the special GT Line features, the design is sporty and really sophisticated. This model includes a special “equaliser” grille with red detailing, gloss black exterior finishes and 17-inch caesium alloy wheels. I also really love the “claw” design on the 3D LED tail lights and the daytime running lights. It is fitted with sports seats, upholstered in black and red, and the dash and instrument panel design is truly beautiful. I only have good things to say about Peugeot’s i-Cockpit concepts, and with the GT Line you also get a unique red-and-black sports theme on the 7-inch touch screen which has MirroLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other goodies include a refrigerated glove compartment, auto-activating headlights, and ambient lighting. An absolute pleasure to drive, so before you buy anything take this boy for a spin.

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