Honda Civic Type-R

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This extroverted high-performance hatchback will hook the daredevil thrill-seekers out there. Do you love speed and a great driving experience? Do you love showing off just a little bit? And do you want to knock up your sex appeal on the road by a hundred notches?


Then you need the new Type-R.

It combines truly cutting-edge tech and race car derived aerodynamics with an upgraded platform to deliver exhilarating dynamics and front-wheel drive handling that makes you feel totally in control. The power this monster has fools you to think you are being lifted off the road, even on very short distances. Having already had the chance to test this baddy on a race track in Port Sheptone, I can honestly say that it will pump adrenaline through your body like few other things in life can.

It has impressive stability at high speeds, with steering and world-class gear-shifting that inspires confidence to a driver already sitting in a very driver-oriented vehicle. All of this and it does not fall short on any of the trendiest features new-car buyers today can expect. The upgrade is 165mm longer and 36mm lower than its predecessor, presenting a poised appearance, but the low front splitter can be a mood-killer as it often scrapes the road even on slight inclines. The vehicle has aggressive styling with many aerodynamic elements including a very prominent rear wing (and although this optimises lift and drag for stability, it might be a tad excessive for daily use).

That being said the cabin has an impressive amount of space and sophisticated race-car styling with eye-catching red accents, carbon fibre detailing and sculpted bucket seats. The instrument binnacle directly in front of the driver features a seven inch display with exciting design work on the virtual instruments and selectable info display. Tech capability on the infotainment, ports, as well as sound are all everything an energetic speedster would expect of a car such as this.

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