Mini Cooper S 3-Door

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The premium British automobile manufacturer has gone out of its way to ensure uniqueness with their upgrades to the Mini range. Fresh design accents, innovations in drive technology and tons of customisation options set the new generation apart.


I couldn’t get enough of my Cooper S 3-door. I made up several errands just to drive it around more than the test actually required. Why? Because it’s a damn fun little car! Oh and not to mention it packing 141kW which takes you from 0-100km/h in 6,8 seconds and a top speed of 235km/h. Acceleration is exhilarating, zapping you past Uber drivers that are constantly perplexed as to whether they want to die or drive. The perfect getting-around-town car for fun lovers. Its transmission is a dream and, dare I say, I could feel BMW quality driving, just much closer to the ground.

I took more than one friend on a joy ride around Jo’burg and they were all impressed by the colourful interactive infotainment and drive tech which all trigger mood lighting changes and all manner of futuristic effects. If anything can be said of Mini, it is that they know how to make a driver feel unique. I do recommend getting the Mini Excitement Package which gives you fun features like a driver’s side projection light. It’s all about the show!

The infotainment has it all, including optional extras like wireless charging for your phone.

A word of warning, however, if you need a car with space for whatever reason, don’t go for the 3-door unless it is your second car which will be reserved for play. The boot is still extremely cramped and, darling, if you are slightly bigger than a fresh-to-the-scene twink you will not fit in the back seat. Perhaps the 5-door is better for practicality.

Other upgrades come in the shape of the Union Jack designed into the tail lights, LED Daytime Running Lights which also second for front indicators that surround the entire contour of the headlights.

It is so much more powerfully expressive, and it’s the only car I would recommend to my more eccentric as well as style-conscious mates.

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